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I will divide my comments in two. If you're thinking of joining it and secondly if you're in it.

1) If you're thinking of joining it (had the hard sell and all the great spiel) DON'T DO IT!!! Read on and see the other reviews. 2) If you're in it and have paid a substantial amount of money for the privilege like we did then you have my sympathy. The problems re bookings, resort status, costs etc are well documented on this site..

We realised quite quickly that the 'wonderful, easy and instant access' to 4 and 5 star accommodation that was promised was a fallacy. Also watch out for their 'friends' RCI. We went on a 'holiday' with CLC (it was awful) and the RCI agent told us if we joined them (for a fee of course) we would be released from CLC and their exorbitant management fees. All bullxxxt!

We are now being chased for over 3K in 'management fees' from CLC when we haven't used them. The RCI scam is now being pursued through the Spanish courts. Fortunately we have all the paperwork proving our case. As I am now terminally ill I couldn't give a sxxt about this rubbish but CLC will now no doubt use legal powers to get their ill gotten gains.

As an ex senior Scotland Yard detective and then a High Court Bailiff I've got some advice: a) Consider just 'writing off' the initial outlay and telling them to drop dead when they chase you for their 'management fees'!! b) Ignore their threatening letters, phone calls and Emails. c) If they get a Court Judgement (highly doubtful, I know a County Court Judge and they are not impressed with Timeshare sharks) do not answer the door to bailiffs and keep your house and outbuildings secured, they cannot force entry. d) If it get's that far consider selling your car and 'leasing' one.

They can't take that away. Well that's it!

CLC may well be considering to sue me! Good bring it on!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Club La Costa Vacation Ownership.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Hello, I'm sorry to hear that you have had such an awful experience. I used to work for Club La Costa.

I used to sell time share for them in London. I have to inform you that these contracts are, unfortunately, in perpetuity. If you remember the part of the sales pitch that states that being an owner is "a valuable asset to pass on to your children". This is now a headache for your family for 99 years after selling.

or at least in theory thats how it is supposed to work.

I hope you find a way out. I also wish you well.

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